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Over 2 million sold worldwide with zero failures, IMO’s TRUE DC Isolators offer unrivalled safety for your Photovoltaic installation.


The energy switch...

IMO Solar Isolators (SI) are specifically designed to interrupt the DC/AC Inverter from the solar panel array. Photovoltaic installations have to be equipped with DC Isolators in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712.

The IMO range of Solar Isolators feature: an operator independent trigger ratchet switching mechanism resulting in switching times of less than 5ms; high reliability knife edge contacts and long arc cooling chambers ensuring safe and effective isolation of DC voltages within solar installations; and additional security with IMO’s patented “Safelock” function.

Available in 2 to 8 pole versions and in a wide variety of mounting and handle configurations, the IMO Solar Isolator range is suitable for most OEM or site installation applications.


Reduce equipment costs with the iCube, the all-in-one intelligent controller combining HMI and PLC technology in one unit.


In full control...

No application is too big or too small for IMO’s iCube to handle. With integrated HMI, PLC and I/O, it can be used as either Master or Slave in conjunction with IMO’s PLC’s, Smart Relays and I/O Modules to increase I/O count.

Offering a variety of inputs and outputs plus communication options including Ethernet, CAN Open, RS232 and RS485, the iCube can connect to almost anything. It even offers remote access via the internet or GSM mobile networks.

Along with our three year warranty plus CE, UL and cUL approval, IMO are delighted to offer license free programming software which can be downloaded from – a benefit that is rarely offered for free in the marketplace.

Circuit Breakers

Our Miniature Circuit Breaker range delivers the finest quality at the most competitive prices


Miniature and mighty...

Bridging the gap, IMO’s Miniature Circuit Breakers offer unrivalled quality and price.

IMO proudly offers a complete range of MCB, RCD and Isolating Switches, including an extensive range of accessories available from stock. All products are RoHS 2 compliant and a number carry the following approvals: CE; VDE; Kema Keur; GOST; RCM.

IMO MCB’s are available in 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P and 3P+N, with current range from 1A to 63A. MCB’s come with 10kA short circuit breaking capacity to ensure maximum safety.

IMO RCD’s can detect residual current leakage in electrical installations, tripping to a safe “OFF” state when required. IMO RCD’s are available in both RCCB (Residual Current) and RCBO (Residual & Over Current) configurations.


Premium quality, reliable Power Supplies offering slim line construction, universal input and AC/DC operation.


Supply and demand...

Providing a reliable power source and offering high efficiency up to 89%, IMO’s DPS range is short-circuit protected and has its own integrated input filter. The 5W to 18W units are supplied in 22.5mm wide slim line plastic enclosures, with the 30W and 60W units measuring 40.5mm wide and the 120W measuring 63.5mm wide. The range is completed with IMO’s 240W and 480W units which are manufactured in metal enclosures measuring 83mm and 175mm respectively.

All models up to 120W are UL certified for Class 2 environments and are supported by IMO’s three year warranty.

The DPS-1 PSU’s have a universal voltage range of 85-265VAC with 24VDC output

Industrial & PCB

From signal to solar, one of the widest range of relays to satisfy all applications.


From signal to solar...

Whatever your application, you will find an IMO relay that fits the bill. Whether you are a telecom engineer seeking low power consumption or a panel-builder seeking a high capacity space saving option, there is a suitable product in the IMO range.

Our industrial relays include features such as push test button, flag or LED indication and a wide range of base options including PCB mounting versions. Using only the highest quality materials and manufactured in a clean room environment the industrial relay range ensures complete contact integrity delivering low level as well as high capacity switching capabilities.

Our PCB relay range extends from signal, power, automotive, and even relays specifically designed for solar applications. From single pole to four pole options with both single coil and twin coil latching versions available, all IMO relays are manufactured with the same high quality precision. Available approvals include UL, CSA, VDE and GOST.


Market leading IMO Jaguar Drives offer high specification and performance inverters to suit every application.


Power with a bite...

IMO’s Jaguar Drive range provides the solution whether it’s a simple conveyor, HVAC, Pump or fully integrated control system requiring high performance and sophisticated functionality.

From the highly capable CUB, providing simple yet powerful controls of motors up to 4kW, to the VXR whose Torque Vector provides the strength to drive demanding applications up to 15kW, to the dual rated VXG which has the flexibility to control fans and pumps in low duty mode, yet has the torque to drive extremely demanding industrial applications in High Duty mode (up to 710kW).

For all HVAC and Pump applications, the VXH and VXA can meet all control requirements up to 710kW.

Our range of AC variable speed drives are backed by our unique five year warranty, underwriting your energy saving.

Din & PCB

One of the most comprehensive ranges of quality DIN-rail and PCB terminals at a price you can’t beat.


Terminal velocity...

The IMO range of terminals is designed to meet all applications from PCB to heavy industrial. Our DIN-rail range includes feed-through, spring-clamp, push-fit, earth, multilevel, switching or fuse terminal blocks and accessories. They are designed to meet all relevant international standards including UL, DNV, VDE, GOST and a number of products are also certified to CSA, ATEX and IECEx.

Features include wire capacities from 1.5mm up to 240mm, multi-foot design, brass/electrolytic copper current carrying bars reducing electrical losses; corrosion resistant zinc-plated screws and clamps; screwless cross-connection and high insulation with UL rating up to 1000V.

Our PCB terminal range features pitch sizes starting from just 3.5mm and includes standard, rising clamp, pluggable and screwless versions up to 24 ways in many cases. UL certified across the range and with VDE certification in many cases also, the IMO range delivers quality at a surprisingly competitive price. Custom design and colour options are available.

About IMO

Founded in 1972, IMO has grown from its UK base to become a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial control and electronic components and systems. With sales offices in the UK, France, Italy, Australia, Russia and North America and with logistics centres in Europe, North America, Australia and China, we now derive over 50% of our revenue from overseas markets....Click here to read more...

PV Fires

PV Fires

PV Fires
In 2015, the BRE was instructed by DECC to investigate and report on the causes of PV fires in the UK. Its preliminary findings reported at a recent PV Fire Workshop make very interesting reading. Graham Viney, Quality Manager at IMO, takes a look at what we can learn...Click here to read more.